Food Justice is Part of All Justice

Erin and I started this blog in hopes of bringing people comfort in a time of uncertainty. The unrest that has been simmering in the US for longer than our lives and which came to head in recent days with the murder of George Floyd is something we felt we could personally not continue aboutContinue reading “Food Justice is Part of All Justice”

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

While it’s still important to feed yourself, it’s also important to make sure you are feeding and supporting others too. Consider giving to one of these organizations to help those on the front lines who are working to dismantle systemic oppression in this country. (Please note that the descriptions is the language directly from theContinue reading “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

Budget Meal Week Continues!

Erin walked you through a great $5 lunch earlier this week, and I’m going to continue our budget week with two meals you can make for under $10 each. The first is a simple shredded chicken quesadilla, and the second is a salmon dinner with mashed potatoes and asparagus. MEAL ONE: SHREDDED CHICKEN QUESADILLA ThisContinue reading “Budget Meal Week Continues!”

Lunch Under $5 – Beans & Rice

As someone who spent nine years in college, I learned frugality alongside learning to cook as an adult. At first that was cooking noodles and dumping a can of sauce on top of it. Or making a packet of ramen with some frozen veggies thrown in. But as I learned more about simple techniques andContinue reading “Lunch Under $5 – Beans & Rice”

Snacking Part Two: Eat Your Feelings

I don’t know about you, but this week has been a whole bunch of “Fuck it.” This means I’ve been using the deep-fryer. Like a lot. While Alex may be making their own ricotta and doing wholesome things with vegetable dips, I’m here making garbage plates, fried tacos, and a heaping plate of homemade nachos,Continue reading “Snacking Part Two: Eat Your Feelings”

Snacking Part One: How to Make it Healthy

I have been doing a not-small amount of snacking since the apocalypse started. I think we all have! If given a chance, I will eat chips and dip for every meal. That’s not so great for your waistline, or your health, so I’ve come up with a snack tray that is full of whole, marginallyContinue reading “Snacking Part One: How to Make it Healthy”

Brunch: The Sweet and the Savory

This week, Erin told you about a great, unsung savory brunch or breakfast food, fried rice. As the resident pastry person, I’m going to bring you another aspect of how to make a great brunch, involving Creme Anglaise, meringue, and eggs. Here are the directions for my absolute favorite brunch combo, Creme Anglaise French ToastContinue reading “Brunch: The Sweet and the Savory”

Fried Rice: Breakfast of Champions

I’ve found over the years that Americans have an incredibly limited palate for breakfast foods. They tend to be sweet, heavy, and carb-forward. While there is nothing wrong with those things (I’m not here to yuck your yum!), I spent a lot of the earlier parts of my life skipping The Most Important Meal ofContinue reading “Fried Rice: Breakfast of Champions”

Building Your Kitchen Part 2

Earlier in the week, Erin told you about her essential kitchen tools. As someone who works primarily in pastry, mine are a little different. Pastry is precise and finnicky, and it requires a set of tools that make that precision easier. First, any good pastry cook will tell you how essential a Kitchenaide mixer is.Continue reading “Building Your Kitchen Part 2”