Snacking Part One: How to Make it Healthy

I have been doing a not-small amount of snacking since the apocalypse started. I think we all have! If given a chance, I will eat chips and dip for every meal. That’s not so great for your waistline, or your health, so I’ve come up with a snack tray that is full of whole, marginallyContinue reading “Snacking Part One: How to Make it Healthy”

Brunch: The Sweet and the Savory

This week, Erin told you about a great, unsung savory brunch or breakfast food, fried rice. As the resident pastry person, I’m going to bring you another aspect of how to make a great brunch, involving Creme Anglaise, meringue, and eggs. Here are the directions for my absolute favorite brunch combo, Creme Anglaise French ToastContinue reading “Brunch: The Sweet and the Savory”

Fried Rice: Breakfast of Champions

I’ve found over the years that Americans have an incredibly limited palate for breakfast foods. They tend to be sweet, heavy, and carb-forward. While there is nothing wrong with those things (I’m not here to yuck your yum!), I spent a lot of the earlier parts of my life skipping The Most Important Meal ofContinue reading “Fried Rice: Breakfast of Champions”

Building Your Kitchen Part 2

Earlier in the week, Erin told you about her essential kitchen tools. As someone who works primarily in pastry, mine are a little different. Pastry is precise and finnicky, and it requires a set of tools that make that precision easier. First, any good pastry cook will tell you how essential a Kitchenaide mixer is.Continue reading “Building Your Kitchen Part 2”

Do The Mashed Part Two: Pinch Some Pierogi

Hope your apocalypse is going as well as possible, still, and that these recipes are helping comfort you in some small way! This week, we’re building off of Erin’s recipe for the ultimate comfort food, mashed potatoes, to give you an Eastern European classic that’s just as delightful and comforting. Pierogi! When I was aContinue reading “Do The Mashed Part Two: Pinch Some Pierogi”

Do the Mashed Potato

Mashed potatoes are not only the perfect comfort food but an excellent building block for numerous dishes–shepherd’s pie, pierogies, colcannon, etc. They are deeply mutable to deal with the items you have in your house, and you can fry any leftovers up for mashed potatoes fritters the next day. Versatile. Cheap. Possibility for experimentation? It’sContinue reading “Do the Mashed Potato”

Comfort Baking: Easy Cinnamon Rolls

This week, I’m going to tell you how to make your own cinnamon rolls. They’re easy, tasty, and only require a few ingredients that you likely have on hand. And they come out looking like this: First, you’ll need these ingredients as well as a whisk, a rolling pin, and a baking pan (circular orContinue reading “Comfort Baking: Easy Cinnamon Rolls”

Pizza with Pesto and Homemade Ricotta

This week, Erin showed you the many beautiful incarnations of pesto. Today we’re going to combine that recipe with two more easy ones to make something delightful — homemade pizza! Yeah, deliveries are still up in many places, but I guarantee you once you make your own pizza you will never want to go backContinue reading “Pizza with Pesto and Homemade Ricotta”