Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Happy mid-July! I’m still on my healthy food kick, so today, I’m bringing you a meal full of grains, nuts, and vegetables. I promise it’s so flavorful you won’t miss the meat! This is a vegan take on a Polish Stuffed Peppers (Papryka Nadziewana), something my grandmother would probably kill me for messing with. Sorry,Continue reading “Vegan Stuffed Peppers”

Jubilee Giveaway!

This month, we are giving away a copy of Toni Tipton-Martin’s James Beard award-winning cookbook, Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African American Cooking. Of this collection, Jesse Sparks writes: This wasn’t one person’s fête, but a collaborative vision. A place where Katharin Bell and her 1927 recipe for spoonbread can coexist with pop starContinue reading “Jubilee Giveaway!”

Take Out At Home, Vegan Style

We know many people are venturing back into the world, but we’ve decided that we’re going to keep pushing forward with Apocalycious to share our love of food. This week we’re bringing you a take on a take-out classic, which can be done vegan (as shown above) with fried tofu, or with chicken — allContinue reading “Take Out At Home, Vegan Style”

Food Justice is Part of All Justice

Erin and I started this blog in hopes of bringing people comfort in a time of uncertainty. The unrest that has been simmering in the US for longer than our lives and which came to head in recent days with the murder of George Floyd is something we felt we could personally not continue aboutContinue reading “Food Justice is Part of All Justice”

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

While it’s still important to feed yourself, it’s also important to make sure you are feeding and supporting others too. Consider giving to one of these organizations to help those on the front lines who are working to dismantle systemic oppression in this country. (Please note that the descriptions is the language directly from theContinue reading “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

Budget Meal Week Continues!

Erin walked you through a great $5 lunch earlier this week, and I’m going to continue our budget week with two meals you can make for under $10 each. The first is a simple shredded chicken quesadilla, and the second is a salmon dinner with mashed potatoes and asparagus. MEAL ONE: SHREDDED CHICKEN QUESADILLA ThisContinue reading “Budget Meal Week Continues!”